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    Chinese English



    2019 Spring Semester

    The 2019 CC Class Exchange and Excellent Student Awards Conference

    The 2019 CC Class Exchange and Excellent Student Awards Conference

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    Teaching Features

    Suzhou Centennial College introduces the advance education resources from Centennial College in Canada, and applies Canadian syllabus curriculum, Canadian quality assurance system, and “four dual and one pass through” pattern to train international applied talents.

    high-quality educational resources

    Suzhou Centennial College is the first Chinese-foreign cooperating higher vocational school approved by the Jiangsu government and officially filed to the Ministry of Education. It’s run by Canadian Centennial College and Suzhou University of Science and Technology, whose predecessor, HKU SPACE Global Science and Technology Career Academy, had 11 years of educational experience. SCC has an elite teaching crew capable of bilingual education.

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    • Internationalization led by
      masters Teacher team

      Two thirds of our teachers are foreigners and returnee scholars. 80% professional teachers have obtained the dual skills of teacher qualification. 80% teachers are capable of bilingual teaching.

    • High standards of teaching
      Quality monitoring

      SCCs teaching system fits the MOE diagnosing and improving standard of vocational schools quality assurance, and learns from Canadian Centennial Colleges curriculum criterion, featuring an international characteristic. The professional assessment and diagnosing system and the teaching quality assurance system focusing on the ongoing improvement of curriculum guarantee high quality of students output.

    • High-quality major training and college education

      SCC provides high-quality college education programs which are career-development-oriented and international courses from Canadian Centennial College. SCC currently sets multiple majors adapting industrys development, including business, information technology, education, art, etc. The accounting major is one of the brand majors of Jiangsu province, international finance major is one of the high-quality majors of Jiangsu province, Business English is one of the outstanding majors of Suzhou.

    • All-round English acquisition environment

      SCC lessons are taught by experienced foreign teachers in small-sized classes, and students English proficiency will be trained constantly through elaborately designed lessons during his study in SCC.

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